Staying flexible with massage

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Some Things to Know About Getting a Massage When you are Pregnant

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A first-time pregnancy is hugely exciting, but also a daunting thing. You will want to ensure that you are looking after and nurturing your body in the best way possible, because taking care of yourself means taking care of your unborn child. If you regularly enjoy massage therapy as a way of making your body feel relaxed, you may be wondering if you can still enjoy all the benefits of massage while your child is growing inside of you. Read More»

Top tips for fighting off sports injuries

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Sports injuries are an exercise buff’s nightmare and an all-too-common one at that. Even casual joggers and gym-goers will likely have experienced the pain of a torn muscle or sprain that put them out of commission for weeks or even months. The repetitive movements and exertion that make a workout burn calories and build strength are also the qualities that can put muscles out of action through overuse.  Once strained, the only way to completely cure a muscle is to rest it up. Read More»

Back Pain in Children: Lighten the Backpack Load

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According to the Better Health Channel, it’s common for children to suffer from back pain, especially as they go through adolescence. One of the factors of this can be the bags that children carry to and from school. To avoid long-term back, shoulder and neck problems that may need medical intervention or physio, parents should take steps to make sure that their children aren’t carrying too much of a load in their school backpacks. Read More»