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Why Get Physiotherapy Massages When Needed?

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A good massage can help anyone to relax and feel far fewer aches and pains throughout the day, but a physiotherapy massage is a bit different than a relaxation massage. Physiotherapy is prescribed specifically to target damaged or injured muscles, joints and other such areas of the body, and this treatment may also help to increase muscle strength and flexibility. If your doctor has recommended that you get a physiotherapy massage, or someone you know has gotten such a massage and has recommended it to you, note why it can be beneficial for you to make an appointment with a physiotherapist.


Muscles that are tense are often prone to strains, stresses, and other such injuries. This is because your muscles are like rubber bands; when the band is soft, supple, and flexible, it will move and stretch easily. When the band hard and not so flexible, it can then snap or crack.

Your muscles need to move and stretch every minute throughout the day; when you sit, you stretch your muscles over your backside, and when you lean forward, you stretch those muscles in the back and legs. If these muscles aren't flexible, they can suffer injury through everyday movement, and even more so when you play sports or exercise! Physiotherapy massage will increase blood flow to the muscles so they're pliable and flexible, and less likely to suffer injuries.

Overworked muscles

A physiotherapist can note overworked muscles, even before you experience pain and discomfort. These muscles may be tense or damaged because of poor posture, overuse, or because of your own body weight. However, other muscles may be compensating for that overexertion, or these muscles may have simply developed in order to manage this added exertion, so you don't readily feel pain. In time, however, you might feel some aches and pains from this overwork and overexertion. A physiotherapist can help those overworked muscles to relax, and also work with you on improving your posture, on losing weight, and whatever else is needed to protect your muscles.

Blood circulation

A physiotherapy massage can increase blood circulation in the muscles, as said, and this can also encourage better blood circulation overall. The more often that blood circulates through your body, the more nourishment and healing oxygen it brings to cells, and the more dead cells and other impurities it collects to be filtered through the liver and lungs. In turn, you can be healthier overall when you regularly enjoy physiotherapy massages, along with having relaxed yet strong and flexible muscles.